Caja medidas

Please provide information about your shipment including measures (in inches) and the value of the item you are intending to send. The calculator will give you the cubic feet (P3) that comes out of the formula.

All fields are required for the calculator to give an estimated cost according to the cubic foot.

Click on the red button “Calculate Shipping” in order to obtain the amount for the freight delivery.

IMPORTANT: Bear in mind the following tips while making your calcs:

Checkamrk calculadora

Measures are in inches, mandatory.

Decimals Will be separated by a period (.)

It is required to provide the fee of the product in US dollars.

All fees are included (shipping, gas, broker, handling, insurance).

This is an estimated fee of shipping, it may vary according to the final weight and size of the product when it arrives to our warehouse. It’s not our competency the package that withholds your product but the sellers or vendors you purchase to.